MKMMA Week 6 – Using Our Greatest Mechanism

Most of us, myself included, are ignorant of the greatest mechanism in existence, the brain of man.   Now the fog is beginning to lift.  Now it’s time to take this to the next level.  It’s time to develop my brain to do things that I had not dreamed possible.   The results will depend upon my understanding of the mechanism which is within my control.  This new understanding that through the power of attention I will be able to overcome obstacles of any kind that appear in my path to move onward and upward has increased my desire and determination to practice harder and continue to practice as practice makes perfect.

I have a lot going on right now, as does everyone at this time of year. However, the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the amount of uncertainty we can comfortably tolerate. I certainly feel tested right now. In the past I have been swept away by the mechanics of it all, getting bogged down with stress of external circumstances.

Ultimately each one of us must fulfill our spiritual calling back to self. When we make this great discovery, things on the material plane flow easily and effortlessly regardless of the external frantic things that try to capture our attention and control our life.

The promise of connection to Source and self is the promise of freedom and abundance in all areas of our lives. The important thing is that we are faced in that direction and moving towards that goal regardless of the challenges in our daily routine.

The responsibility is 100% ours to stay focused on this connection to the within. We cannot pass go and collect a payout. We won’t get there by joining a religious organization or a group of some sort. Sure these may well be stepping stones along the way, but the true realization is our direct personal connection to Source. A connection that is free of dogma, bureaucracy, fear and manipulation.

I have always had this spiritual companion on my shoulder, calling me to find the way to my own way. For most of my life I felt this inner urge but ignored it, and like many others before me, I bought into the external world and its material promises.

It’s when we ignore our inner callings that we move into living inauthentic lives. This is why so many people gravitate to coping mechanisms. They are attempting to numb themselves from authentic calling. In effect we feel the calling but we intentionally move in the wrong direction.

Each one of us is called to realize our potential.

Each one of us is being called to raise our levels of consciousness.

Changing external conditions that leave our inner world’s unchanged will never bring about the security and happiness we seek.

The more we connect to our inner self, the less our external demands challenge us.

Week 5 – No Shortcuts

I remember taking piano lessons when I was a kid. I had a talent for it, but I didn’t have the discipline to practice consistently. Therefore today I am a novice piano player, not a professional pianist. At the time I did not know it, but by not practicing on a regular basis when I was a child, I was telling my subconscious that it was OK because nothing bad would happen if I quit. Now I realize when we start something and do not complete it or stick with it, we are forming a negative habit. And if we do this enough times, we are forming strong beliefs that will limit new future experiences which can enrich our lives.

Now I find myself in the position of diligently chipping away at old habits in order to form new positive habits. And yes, this happens with daily practice, daily repetition – until it becomes part of my inner essence.

90% of our mental life exists in our subconscious, so I had better learn to control my subby, which I must admit is easier said than done.

My subconscious being can solve any problem I encounter, and I have the power to program my subconscious with words. Words are powerful. The can build me up or tear me down. My conscious mind can direct my subconscious, so I must have a mental house cleaning each and every day. We are all the result of our past thinking. I am changing my thinking and I am creating new habits. There are no shortcuts to this process.

Week 4 – I Am A Work In Progress

So last week we heard we should be 100% in – what a challenge. This week I have attempted to do it all and it has honestly been quite challenging. Forming new good habits is not as easy as one would think. There are always little voices in my head trying to pull me back to the old way of doing things – the comfortable way of living. I have now come to the conclusion that there must be a lot of cement surrounding me because my ego seems to want me to stay where I have been for way too long. The difference is, now I recognize the pattern and consciously choose to new patterns.

Do it now. My DMP still needs more revisions – it is still not fully resonating with me. The more I say it, the more I revise it. I realize Og says nature never acts in haste, and I am aware that I must develop patience. I can be what I will to be all in good time – patience.

The practice of giving gifts is so important yet in the rush of everyday life it is easy to lose sight of. I keep reminding myself to bless everyone I come in contact with, but there have been lapses when my mind wanders and the moment is lost.

Each day my awareness is heightened. This awareness is truly a gift. Knowledge is a gift, since you can’t change what you don’t know. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Slowly but surely me thoughts are changing and evolving. It is a process.

Week 3 – Small Victories Become Foundation Bricks

Wow it’s amazing how much time opens up when you cut back on the TV shows you watch. As the theme from my favorite soap says, “Like sands through the hourglass, these are the Days Of Our Lives.” As I continue on this journey, I’m noticing more and more how I spend these precious ‘sands of time’.

I am beginning to form new good habits, and if sometimes I backslide, I remind myself things takes time. I know I’m living in a society that wants everything now, and we actually think it should have happened yesterday – so definitely we need it now. But bad habits aren’t easily broken – it does take time. After all we are spending 30 days on each scroll – things do not happen overnight. So, on a daily basis, I remind myself – yes, it’s worth the effort.

Yes, things take time, but I am having small breakthroughs. I find myself looking forward to the daily sit time and really enjoying the quiet time of reflection and peace. My body automatically relaxes into the solitude and even my mind is starting to slow down its constant chatter. I am grateful for peace.

I’m repeating the promises out loud daily and feeling the inner impact as I reconnect with the Universal Spirit inside all of us. My DMP has been rewritten and rewritten again. Always a work in progress as creative visualization comes to life. A vision of creating and contributing. Right now the vision is a seedling, but its roots are being nourished and are growing stronger and deeper. A strong foundation is being built.

Week 2 Master Key – The Journey Continues

So this week, as I continue my readings and affirmations,  I am traveling throughout New England and my internet access is sporadic.  Thus, this week’s blog is being handwritten, and will be posted in its entirety upon my return this weekend. Inspire on!

Following are my collected thoughts while on the road this past week.

Scroll #1 has become a big part of my journey. The perspective of replacing bad habits with good habits makes perfect sense to me – as I have had an abundance of bad habits. So I embrace the concept of reprogramming the subconscious and replacing unproductive habits with good productive habits. The scheduled readings of the scrolls is a great tool to accomplish this.

I found myself looking for blue rectangles throughout the week – and they seemed to pop up in the most unexpected places.

Procrastination was always a part of my life from childhood into adulthood. Now the phrase “Do it now – do it now – do it now” keeps popping into my mind and spurring me into action.

But I also find myself looking forward to the periods of quieting my body and just sitting silently for a minimum of 15 minutes. It is a pleasure just to “zone out” for those periods of time.

As I continue to form good habits, I am rewriting the script of my life – slowly building up small successes in my daily activities – replacing my old blueprint with a new one and in so doing day by day bringing my mind closer to being in harmony with the Universal Mind.

Week 1 – Master Key Blog – The Start of a New Inner Journey

OK, after weeks of waiting – it’s finally here – the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance has begun.

What excites me about this journey, is the fact that I’m not taking it alone. Gathered together under the MKMMA umbrella are like-minded people ready to mastermind together and travel together on this path of self-discovery.

This first week has been focused on developing good habits. The habit of calming the body, the habit of reading at certain prescribed times daily, the habit of cherishing the last hour of each day – using that time to nourish the subconscious with helpful, positive thoughts that it can work on and expand during the hours of sleep.

Naturally if you are forming new good habits, some old comfortable but basically “bad” habits must be left behind. For me that has meant cutting back on some of the time spent in front of the TV set.

As I begin this journey of changing within, I am open to new possibilities. I am the change in my life. In the past, I have gone through life being reactive. Now as I move forward through this period of change, I am taking responsibility for all that manifests in my life both good and bad. The power is within me to make better choices, and as I move forward on this journey, I am learning to use and control this power.